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Our customers benefit from our in house design and manufacturing capabilities. Specialinzing in assembly equipment, Reinhart Industries has the ability to design and deliver your project on time and in budget. Everything from Industrial washers and machines to robotic assembly lines, we have you covered.


reh washersOur washers are designed and developed to combine both flexibility and reliability providing our customers with enhanced washer performance. With the ever changing industrial washer industry, new technologies, and the constant need for improved performance, Reinhart Industries is excited to bring in the latest technology when it comes to our washer products.


Robot Integration

reh robot integrationReinhart has designed and manufactured custom systems for many industries including, but not limited to, automotive, appliance, composites, electronic, food, foundry, consumer goods applications and glass. We stand ready to analyse your system requirements and provide solutions.


Industrial Automation

reh Industrial automationHelping your business develop cost effective solutions that will ultimately increase productivity, improve quality and reduce control cost is our goal. Working with you from concept to installation our services will help ensure your equipment lines up with your specs, is delivered on time and in budget. Services included; vision assessment, engineering, programming, installation, design and support.

Specialty Machines

reh specialty machinesOur experienced and knowledgeable staff will offer professional custom services and solutions for your specialized, custom machines and applications. Reinhart Industries has designed many custom or specialized machines to help automate your manufacturing process. Everything from robot arm systems to conveyors, to grippers and motion systems.


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