Reinhart’s Story:

1985, Reinhart Industries was founded by an expert tool maker from Germany in the U.S. with the vision to give the automotive industry an economical high-quality source for standalone special, assembly and prototype machines.

1992, Reinhart Industries entered the Automotive Capital Equipment market segment as a full-service Machine Tool and Industrial Service Supplier.  Vice President, Mark Schloff and his core team had been working together for more than 25 years and established the US Based quality standard for product, delivery and pricing as they shipped products all across the world to multiple major automotive customers. 

2006, CEO Mark Schloff and the core team of Reinhart assumed operational ownership enhancing efficiencies continuing to build a brand of delivering the highest standard of Machinery, Equipment and automotive services

The now, CEO, Mark Schloff and the Reinhart team have assembled a Global Product Line that fills the needs of our valued automotive customers and has built a Globally Recognized Brand associated with the highest level of technology, efficiencies, quality and reliability.  The real “secret sauce” continues to be Reinharts greatest assets “Our People” Reinharts core team has added new technical competencies in all areas of the business to meet the ever-changing needs of our valued customers and the evolving technologies of the future.  We look forward to partnering up to help solve your Machinery, Equipment and Service Problems as we grow together!